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Decentralised ammonia production in the Netherlands

Our presentation will summarize the results of two government funded research projects Proton carried out over the last year. The presentation will give an overview of the Dutch power and chemicals (ammonia) markets. We will start by including a brief history of both markets, current trends and foreseen problems. We propose that electrification of the chemical industry will solve the anticipated problems.

Ammonia Production Using Wind Energy: An Early Calculation of Life Cycle Carbon Emissions and Fossil Energy Consumption

Industry professionals and others have begun to consider the use of ammonia as a substitute for fossil energy in the fuel, fertilizer, and chemical sectors. Several factors are driving this concept; including, energy security concerns, the potential for economic development, and reducing the environmental consequences of fossil energy use. In terms of environmental concerns, it is important to determine the potential impacts of producing ammonia before a major switch to ammonia can be considered. This study examined fossil energy use and carbon emissions in the production of ammonia, using life cycle assessment (LCA) methods to analyze production at a novel…