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Fortescue's ammonia locomotive one step closer

R&D for ammonia-powered locomotives is full steam ahead in Perth, as Fortescue Future Industries moves onto converting two four-stroke, diesel locomotives to run on ammonia fuel. Deployment of an ammonia-powered demonstration locomotive within their current rail operations is planned for

Improved Method of Using Hydrogen and Ammonia Fuels for an Internal Combustion Engine

A tractor mounted internal combustion engine is fueled by Hydrogen or a combination of Hydrogen and Ammonia. Developments of an improved method of fuel injection and ignition control. Hydrogen is port injected in the intake manifold, and liquid ammonia is injected in the throttle body. A dual fuel ECU, Engine Control Unit, controls the fuel mixtures and the firing of multiple coils for ignition. The paper will address significant engine performance improvements and the resulting fuel consumption and engine emissions levels.

Our Iowa Renewable Hydrogen and Ammonia Generation System

The presentation will summarize the development of the demonstration size renewable fuel and fertilizer system on my Iowa farm. Solar power, water, and air are used to make hydrogen and ammonia fuel used to power a modified John Deere 7810 tractor. The ammonia can also be used to fertilize corn cropland. The development of the ammonia reactor will be described and its performance discussed. There are no carbon emissions in either the generation or consumption of the hydrogen and ammonia.

Comprehensive Evaluation of NH3 Production and Utilization Options for Clean Energy Applications

The project proposes a comprehensive investigation on the analysis, assessment and optimization of ammonia synthesis processes under renewable energy portfolio, including low-cost hydro, wind, solar, geothermal, ocean, biomass, etc. Furthermore, ammonia production via hydrocarbon decomposition, which will be investigated in the study, is a promising option to utilize fossil fuels in a cleaner and environmentally benign way. Case studies for various locations and applications in communities, cities and provinces to develop and implement clean solutions are performed. The objectives of this project include energy and exergy analyses, environmental impact assessments, thermo-economic analyses and evaluations, optimization studies, experimental investigation, scalability and…

Further Evolution of an Ammonia Fuelled Range Extender for Hybrid Vehicles

In a previous research the possibility to run a small 4-stroke twin-cylinder SI engine of 505 cm3 with ammonia plus hydrogen was demonstrated. Ammonia and hydrogen tanks were utilized to feed the engine while, apart, the suitability of a custom-designed catalytic reactor to produce hydrogen from ammonia with the required flow rate was verified as well. The experimental activity confirmed the need to increase combustion velocity by adding hydrogen to air-ammonia mixture, with energy ratios that mainly depend on load and less on engine speed. The minimum hydrogen to ammonia energy ratio was found below 6% at full load and…