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Green ammonia in Bolivia

A new agreement between H2 Bolivia and the Government of Oruro will see a 500,000 tonne per year green ammonia plant built in the country. Taking advantage of the "unmatched solar irradiance" in the Oruro region, a solar farm will

The Ammonia Wrap: ICE announces its new green ammonia

Welcome to the Ammonia Wrap: a summary of all the latest announcements, news items and publications about ammonia energy. There's so much news this edition that we're bringing you two, special Wrap articles. Our first focuses on ammonia production -

Solar ammonia, available in Spain from 2021

Last week, Iberdrola and Fertiberia announced plans to start producing green ammonia for “fertilizantes libres de emisiones” (emission-free fertilizers). Iberdrola will invest EUR 150 million to build the 100 MW “Puertollano II” solar field, with a 20 MW electrolyzer bank to