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How to reduce the LCoA of green NH3 with hybrid CSP-PV plants

The gNH3 production requires a large amount of renewable energy, where the LCoA is strongly affected by the LCoE. If it is considered only a solar solution, the low Photovoltaic (PV) technology cost can achieve competitive gH2 cost. However, the industrial NH3 plant would require power stability in a 24/7 profile, and a storage solution must be included. In this case, the Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) presents an unique and promising advantage with its dispatchability to fulfill this necessity. Therefore, a hybrid CSP+PV solution can give the best cost solution power mix for the green ammonia industry.

Dynamic Analysis of Flex-gNH3 – a Green Ammonia Synthesis Process

The future of a decarbonised ammonia production is seen as the alignment of the intermittent production of renewable energy, energy demands and ammonia process features. The current Haber-Bosch ammonia synthesis process can indeed be altered to enable green and sustainable ammonia production primarily being driven by renewable electricity. However, this will require to enhance current commercial Haber-Bosch (H-B) process flexibility with modifications to redefine the conventional H–B process with a new optimised control. The technical feasibility of green-ammonia (gNH3) process had been widely discussed and analysed focusing on its energy efficiency, the development of small-scale, distributed, modularised processes that can…

Impact of scale on levelized cost of green ammonia for international energy transport

An oft-touted benefit of green hydrogen and ammonia is the modularity of production technologies, which may enable the use of micro-plants for distributed green fuel production without losing the benefits normally associated with economies of scale. To that end, a number of very small ammonia projects are being considered in Australia with electrolyser installations ~30 MW (e.g. QNP). At the opposite end of the spectrum, however, the Asian Renewable Energy hub has announced intentions to install 15 GW of electrolysis capacity. We explore the components of the full value chain of ammonia, from electricity generation to green ammonia delivery, and…