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The role of Ammonia in a hydrogen economy (2020 Australia Keynote)

Yara was founded in 1905 to solve famine in Europe, through the production of mineral fertiliser from renewable energy. Todays challenges have not changed and Yara’s mission is to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet. Producing renewable ammonia has been done before, and the transitional cost and CO2 gap can be closed in public-private partnership. Yara recognizes that collaboration and innovation along the value chain is essential to move into the future, reducing emissions towards net zero in the agricultural value chain (digital farming, circular economy and nitrate based products). Being one of the largest ammonia producers and the truly global leader in…

Europe! (part 3)

The European Commission has added two building blocks to its burgeoning structure of economic and environmental policy initiatives. In separate communications on July 8, the EC announced An EU Strategy for Energy System Integration and A Hydrogen Strategy for a

Ammonia’s role in a renewable energy future

The creation of renewable energy export value chains is an investment priority for ARENA. One of the most promising ways of achieving this is through the production, storage and transport of renewable hydrogen. Ammonia is a potential pathway in this supply chain, however, the industry also has a key role to play in the domestic market. Domestic projects will be essential for Australia to reach the scale required for hydrogen export, and de-risk and address challenges along the way. This talk will explore the role of ammonia in ARENA’s future hydrogen strategy, and discuss projects that are seeking to address…