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Keynote Speech: Hydrogen and Ammonia: Building Global Momentum

Philibert will speak of the current considerable momentum on hydrogen and the consideration it is given in many countries. Based on a variety of recent reports, including the major IEA Future of Hydrogen report, he will show the evolution of the global thinking on the role of hydrogen in the energy transition from a narrow focus on light-duty fuel-cell vehicles to a much broader spectrum including the chemical and steelmaking industry sub-sectors, long-haul transportation on land, sea and in the air, the power sector, and buildings. Hydrogen is also valued for its potential use as a carrier for clean renewable…

Ammonia As Hydrogen Carrier to Unlock the Full Potential of Green Renewables

For decades, grid-scale energy storage has been used to balance load and demand within an energy generation system composed mainly of base load power sources enabling thus to large nuclear or thermal generating plant to operate at peak efficiencies. Energy storage has contributed over the time to meet peak demand and regulate frequency beside peak fossil fuel power plant who usually provided the bulk of the required energy. In the aforementioned context where inherent variability of the power generation asset was mainly a minor issue, energy storage capacity remains nevertheless limited for economic reason storing electricity during low electricity demand…

Case Study of Ammonia Production in the Island States Using Ocean Thermal Energy

The world’s oceans are the largest collectors and storage of solar energy and have an enormous potential to supply growing worldwide energy demands, commodity products like ammonia and fresh water. This case study focuses on the island states for implementation of the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) in the foreseeable future within two decades. Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and other island states exclusively rely on petroleum-liquid based power generation, specifically fuel oil and diesel. For example, power generating capacities of Mauritius, Reunion, St Thomas and St Croix are 480 MW, 435 MW, 200 MW and 120 MW, respectively. Fossil…