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Singapore invests in key green ammonia projects

Singapore's sovereign wealth fund GIC has agreed to a strategic equity investment in InterContinental Energy, who are currently developing a number of green ammonia "Supergiants". GIC's announcement follows another significant green investment by Singapore, this time in Indonesia. $9 billion

The Saudi Arabia Renewable Energy Hub

InterContinental Energy have just announced their fourth ammonia "Supergiant": the Saudi Arabia Renewable Energy Hub (SAREH). At this stage details are limited, but the new collaboration between InterContinental, Saudi Aramco and Modern Industrial Investment Holding Group forms part of a

The Ammonia Wrap: ICE announces its new green ammonia

Welcome to the Ammonia Wrap: a summary of all the latest announcements, news items and publications about ammonia energy. There's so much news this edition that we're bringing you two, special Wrap articles. Our first focuses on ammonia production -