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Ammonia Fuel Standard, where do we go from here?

A discussion focused on the path to creating an ammonia fuel standard. Exploring the current state of the Ammonia Fuel Product Standards, its parallels to the current ammonia industry, and the challenges that need to be overcome to develop a meaningful standard for all stakeholders in the ammonia fuel supply chain.

Ammonia cracking: when, how, and how much?

Cracking ammonia to produce hydrogen underpins many of the fuel-based uses of ammonia, and as such is a lynchpin technology in the case for ammonia energy. While in many ways ammonia cracking is a mature technology, systems which are designed specifically for these applications are less common. In this presentation, a general overview of the potential roles of ammonia cracking in facilitating the use of ammonia for energy applications will be outlined, including a survey of established and emerging cracking and purification technologies. A forthcoming project to produce an AEA Ammonia Cracking Technical Paper will be introduced.