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With Australia’s eye firmly fixed on becoming a major hydrogen export player, hydrogen mobility opportunities sometimes gets overlooked. Claire will discuss the important role that fuel cell vehicles and their infrastructure can play in enabling a hydrogen export sector in Australia, including the potential uptake rates out to 2030 and what governments need to do to make this happen.

Ammonia’s role in a renewable energy future

The creation of renewable energy export value chains is an investment priority for ARENA. One of the most promising ways of achieving this is through the production, storage and transport of renewable hydrogen. Ammonia is a potential pathway in this supply chain, however, the industry also has a key role to play in the domestic market. Domestic projects will be essential for Australia to reach the scale required for hydrogen export, and de-risk and address challenges along the way. This talk will explore the role of ammonia in ARENA’s future hydrogen strategy, and discuss projects that are seeking to address…

Advances Reported for MCH and LH2

Two recent announcements show that the race is still very much on among the energy carriers that until recently were a focus of the Japanese Cabinet Office’s Cross-Ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP).  During its five-year career, the SIP Energy