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Biomass Based Sustainable Ammonia Production

The renewable ammonia production is gaining attention nowadays. Current production processes use as raw material, predominantly, natural gas or coal. Therefore, large amounts of greenhouse carbon dioxide are released in the production process. Different alternatives for a sustainable path to produce ammonia have been analysed. One alternative is producing hydrogen through electrolysis, nitrogen by air separation and then produce ammonia via Haber Bosch process (Sánchez & Martín, 2018). An interesting feature of this process is the possibility of integrating renewable energy sources in the ammonia production. Another technology is the electrochemical ammonia production (Bicer & Dincer, 2017). The ammonia synthesis…

Production of Ammonia and Nitrogen Fertilizers based on Biomass - Research Efforts in Sweden

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences have been conducting research on production of ammonia and nitrogen fertilizers based on bioenergy since 2006, in the last years in co-operation with Lund University and University of Minnesota. The research has so far been theoretical — studying the techno-economics and the potential environmental impacts. Several possible pathways for ammonia and ammonium nitrate fertilizer production have been explored, e.g. gasification of woody biomass, reforming of biogas from anaerobic digestion, integration in biomass CHP plants. A selection of results from the past years research can be presented: Techno-Economic Assessment of Non-Fossil Ammonia Production P. Tunå,…