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Ammonia Energy Live February - 2021

Last week we presented the first episode in our monthly webinar series: Ammonia Energy Live. Every month we’ll explore the wonderful world of ammonia energy and the role it will play in global decarbonisation - with an Australian twist. To kick

Start of the Journey - A Carbon Capture Success Story

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) has proven to be an important and effective step in helping organizations achieve their global climate change goals. This presentation will provide an overview of a strategic success story, highlighting the importance of partnering with key stakeholders, taking a concept and turning it into an operational reality.

The Clean Ammonia Transition @ Yara

Yara is one of the world’s largest ammonia producers, and the largest trader and shipper of ammonia around the world. We see green ammonia as key molecule to decarbonize the food chains, as well as the ultimate zero-carbon shipping fuel. To provide proof of concept, different large commercial demonstration projects are in the pipeline. The green projects are based on hydro, off-shore wind and solar, while solutions for blue and grey ammonia can be suitable during the transition period. Several framework conditions for success will be discussed.

CF’s Commitment to Clean Energy Economy - Clean Fuels for a Sustainable World

Hydrogen has emerged as a leading clean energy source to help the world achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Ammonia is one of the most efficient ways to transport and store hydrogen and is also a fuel in its own right. CF is the world’s largest producer of ammonia and is uniquely positioned, with an unparalleled asset base and technical knowledge, to serve this anticipated demand. We are announcing our commitment to decarbonize the world’s largest ammonia production network, positioning CF at forefront of clean hydrogen supply. We have also announced a new green ammonia project at our Donaldsonville Nitrogen…