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JERA targets 50% ammonia-coal co-firing by 2030

Japanese government funding via NEDO will support four critical ammonia energy projects, including JERA's new plan to demonstrate 50% ammonia-coal co-firing by 2030. Other projects include improved catalysts for ammonia production, low-temperature and low-pressure synthesis pathways, and developing 100% ammonia-fed

H2Zero launches at COP26

A group of 28 global organisations (H2Zero) announced significant new pledges to drive the development of the global hydrogen industry at COP26 last week. On the supply side, the pledges add up to 18 million tonnes per year "lower carbon"

A review of global ammonia supply

The presentation will provide an overview of global ammonia supply. It will consider the geography and orientation of the current stock of supply, including captive use, merchant availability and proximity to seaborne markets. It will examine the extent to which there is currently spare ammonia capacity, and the responsiveness of supply to demand growth in different timeframes.