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A review of global ammonia supply

The presentation will provide an overview of global ammonia supply. It will consider the geography and orientation of the current stock of supply, including captive use, merchant availability and proximity to seaborne markets. It will examine the extent to which there is currently spare ammonia capacity, and the responsiveness of supply to demand growth in different timeframes.

Japan – a future market for Australian solar ammonia

Japan and Australia are intimately linked in energy trade. Australia counts energy exports as a major source of foreign exchange income and Japan, which uses nearly 4 times the primary energy as Australia, imports nearly all of it. Approximately 40% of Australia’s coal exports are bought by Japan and were worth $AUD15.4 billion in 2012-13. Over 70% of Australia’s LNG exports went to Japan in the same period and earned over $AUD12billion. Future energy supply is high on the agenda for Japan. Currently 43% of its primary energy is in the form of imported oil mostly from the Middle East.…