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Ammonia trade and embedded emissions pricing

Emissions (carbon) pricing has been theoretically and empirically proven to be the most efficient means of correcting the market failure caused by greenhouse emissions externalities. None-the-less, political constraints have prevented emissions pricing from forming a stable component of Australian climate and energy policy. For export-facing industries such as ammonia, however, emissions pricing in export markets is likely to matter more than Australian policy. In particular, the European Commission is set to propose a carbon-border adjustment mechanism in July 2021. The US is also considering ways of ensuring their industries are not disadvantaged as a result of its substantially ramped up…

Export market and project development pathways

Export opportunities in the green ammonia industry continue to grow.  Australia has a competitive advantage with existing infrastructure such as ports and an ever-growing renewable energy industry.  To capitalise, green ammonia project development pathways should be developed that allow for the efficient production of green hydrogen, and ultimately the export of green ammonia.