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Ammonia combustion engines: latest research

The journey from the laboratory bench to the shop floor continues apace in 2021, as researchers deepen their understanding of ammonia combustion within engines. The team at Université d’Orléans has published several pieces of research already this year, with interesting

MAN ammonia engine update

In November 2019, MAN ES published a technical paper describing the design and performance of its two-stroke green-ammonia engine. The paper also quietly announces the intentions of MAN ES to exploit ammonia energy technologies in a new business case, Power-to-X

Our Improved Farm Tractor Ammonia and Hydrogen Fueling System

We have a large farm tractor that is fueled by a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen, or hydrogen alone. We will briefly describe the fueling and ignition improvements that have been made to the engine, and quantify the performance increases. These improvements can be applied to other internal combustion engine applications. This tractor runs only on renewable and CO2 free fuels.