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A strategic pathway to a sustainable shipping industry powered by Australian renewable energy

Australia is lucky. We have bountiful natural resources, buried in the ground, streaming from the sun and coursing through the air. Along with our geographic position on the apex of the vast Asian Pacific trade route we are in the perfect situation to initiate a new industry.   Oceania are connecting together these key aspects of Australia’s DNA. Our ambition is to leverage the abundant energy sources in the north-west of Australia to supply green ammonia, then utilise the best-in-class bunker vessel to deliver sustainable shipping fuel to an industry that’s responsible for 3% of global GHG emissions. To achieve…

Ammonia as a future marine fuel - bunkering safety and potential issues

Bunkering is an indispensable operation to supply fuel to ships. Currently in marine industry, ammonia has been a bulk commodity frequently loaded/unloaded from terminal to ship or ship to terminals. The operation is similar to bunkering, the difference being that ammonia is transferred to a dedicated storage tank instead of fuel tank. The future adoption of green ammonia as a marine fuel will need to be developed taking reference of the existing industry practice, of which the bunkering operation is carried out for heavy fuel oil, diesel oil, marine gas oil, lube oil and LNG. There is also a need…