Yara and Kyushu Electric to collaborate on clean ammonia

By Julian Atchison on September 29, 2021

Under the new MoU, Yara and Kyushu Electric will work to establish clean ammonia supply chains to decarbonise coal-fired power generation in Kyushu, Japan. The MoU also foreshadows the pair will promote the use of ammonia energy solutions in other sectors on Japan’s third-largest island.

Under the MoU, Yara and Kyushu are targeting collaboration in the following two areas:

– To jointly develop Clean Ammonia end-to-end supply chain to Kyushu’s coal thermal power generation plants in the Kyushu region, Japan

– To jointly develop a receiving and distribution system of Clean Ammonia for usage in a wide range of fields around the Kyushu region, Japan

Official press release, 27 September 2021

Coal-ammonia co-firing in Kyushu

Power generation on Kyushu Island.
Click to enlarge. Power generation on Kyushu Island. Source: Kyuden Group/Kyushu Electric Power.

According to its public assets guide, Kyushu Electric operates three 700 MW coal-fired power generating units in Kyushu. Based on official Japanese government figures, a 1,000 MW coal-power unit co-firing with 20% ammonia consumes 500,000 tonnes of ammonia per year. If each Kyushu coal unit co-fires with 20% ammonia, more than 1 million tonnes of clean ammonia will be required on the island each year, and that’s just for partial decarbonisation of Kyushu Electric’s thermal power generation. Note too that 20% co-firing is just the beginning: by 2050 JERA aims to be combusting 100% ammonia fuel in retrofitted coal power stations. The opportunities for ammonia energy solutions in Kyushu are clearly significant.