GenCell to roll out its ammonia-fed, off-grid power solution

By Julian Atchison on February 08, 2022

Click to learn more about GenCell’s A5™ ammonia-fed power generation system.

After successful demonstration trials last year in Iceland, GenCell Energy has announced its ammonia-fed, off-grid power generation system will be widely available to commercial customers next year, with a select number of units to be deployed in 2022.

The GenCell FOX™ is an updated version of the A5™ containerised system (a regular feature here at Ammonia Energy), and is designed for use in the telecom sector: especially for remote installations with no access to grid power and which need to operate in harsh weather conditions. With the majority of off-grid telecom setups currently powered by diesel generators, ammonia solutions like the FOX™ represent a cheaper and lower footprint alternative.

More info & technical specs are available via GenCell’s website.

By creating hydrogen-on-demand from ammonia, the GenCell FOX™ provides zero-emission fuel cell power at a lower cost than diesel generators…

We trust that the solution will help telco operators and tower managers everywhere to reliably and cost-effectively power their towers while meeting both their sustainability and resiliency targets.

Rami Reshef, CEO at GenCell in the official press release, 7 Feb 2022

From GenCell FOX™ to GenCell BOX™

In Madrid, GenCell and Aicox Soluciones are currently demonstrating another ammonia-fed power solution: the BOX™ backup power system. Aicox indicate that – pending development of a market demand for the technologies – their manufacturing facilities (which serve Iberian, EU and Latin American markets) could be used to produce & deploy GenCell technology in the future.