ENGIMMONIA project gets EU funding

By Julian Atchison on July 21, 2021

ENGIMMONIA, funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 program.
Click to visit. ENGIMMONIA, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program.

Led by RINA with 21 project partners, the ENGIMMONIA project aims to transfer demonstrated, terrestrial clean energy solutions to the maritime sector. As of May, ENGIMONNIA is now fully-funded (€9.5 million) by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program. The end result will see the MAN ES ammonia engine installed and demonstrated in three vessels: an oil tanker, a container ship, and a ferry.

The twenty-one project partners will test and develop a suite of innovative technologies:

– innovative exhaust after-treatment systems to completely abate ammonia combustion pollutant (like N2O)
– waste heat recovery (WHR) solutions for power and cooling production
– PV composite surfaces to be applied to vessels’ structural parts
– energy management/operational optimization system to minimize energy consumption and emissions

ENGIMMONIA project case study from RINA, webpage accessed 21 July 2021

These technologies will then be deployed and demonstrated in vessels owned by three different shipping companies (and all featuring full-scale MAN ES engines): an oil tanker (FAMOUS), a container ship (DANAOS) and a ferry (ANEK).

Facilitating widespread take-up of ammonia

And – “last, but not least” – the ENGIMMONIA project partners will look to help other interested stakeholders adopt ammonia solutions:

Last but not least, ENGIMMONIA will facilitate the use of ammonia and other clean energy solutions for vessels in specific targeted ships that are open to public community perception towards a higher social acceptability of ammonia and widespread application.

ENGIMMONIA project case study from RINA, webpage accessed 21 July 2021